Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Serpentsoft has different refund policies because the nature of our services…

1. Custom Website

– After agreement between Serpentsoft and the customer We’ll take 40% of the deal’s price
– after the website completed the user will see it online ONLY and test it online ONLY
– if he/she likes it we’ll give the full website to him after we take the rest of deal’s price (60%).
– If he/she wants to add new features we will recalculate the price for the new agreement.

– Refund Policy: If he/she didn’t like his/her online test at all we’ll refund all the money (40%) we had take before.

2. Setup & Prepare New Website

Websites need host and we’ll force all customers to register in a hosting website like DigitalOcean so they’ll pay for DigitalOcean every month BUT we’ll take the Setup Fee price that had determined in our agreement if the website didn’t work because of us we’ll refund all the money we take as a fee for this service, Otherwise No refund after the website be online.

3. Helping Developers

To start work an looking for issues provided to us we’ll take 50% of the deal’s price, After the issues resolved we’ll send an email to the client to let him/her that the problem solved, because of the nature of code he/she might not see the issue solved online but if that’s possible to make him/her test it online we’ll do it, After he/she ensure that his/her issues resolved we’ll take the rest of deal’s price the give him/her the new code with resolved issues.
If we didn’t solve the issues provided we’ll send an email to the client and he/she will take all the money we take for this service.