Premium WordPress Template

I am an Author on Envato Market, I’m creating premium WordPress Themes which are reviewed and approved by Themeforest Team, you can easily purchase one of my ready templates to create website.

  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Free future updates
  • 6 months of free dedicated support
Starts at:
$44 per theme

Custom Website

If you want to create a custom unique website which doesn’t look like any other website on the web, you can simply explain your needs and imaginations to us, and we will create a moden creative premium design just for you.

  • High quality design & code
  • Everything is made as you desire
  • 1 year of free dedicated support
Starts at:
$6000 complete website

Setup & Prepare Website

If you do not have experience about prepare and setup your new website, We provide a service to setup new websites and organize folders so you will be able to transfer your files over user friendly application.

  • Give you the best choice
  • Manage everything for you
  • Technichal support
Starts at:
$10 per month + $100 setup fee

Theme Installation

If you purchase one of our WordPress theme and you don’t have time or experience to install WordPress site on your server and install the theme, I can do this for you and import dummy data to make your site looks exactly like the demo, then you can later replace the dummy content with your real content..

  • Install WordPress if not installed
  • Install the latest theme version
  • Make your site looks like the demo
Starts at:
$50 installing theme & import demo

Helping Designers

If you feel your design is bad and need to advices to make it better or if you work with Envato Market Places and your theme rejected over and over, We’ll provide you worthy advices to make your design qualified and meet the Envato’s requirements.

  • Review every portion
  • Write a report about the weak points
  • Advices to make your design qualified
Starts at:
$500 detailed review & advices

Helping Developers

If you have problems in your project and want an urgently support or you don’t have the time to solve it, Our team is ready to help you and will provide the best solution with a clean code and provide the documentation for the new functions so you can use it very easily.

  • Clean Code
  • Design Pattern
  • Documentation to usage
Starts at:
$10 per issue